Persuasive Essay 2015 Honorable Mention

Michael Quinn
Grade 4

The Transformation of Dwight

Whose name starts with the letter D?  Who has a screechy Yoda voice and is from The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger?  Dwight, that’s who! Dwight is an odd boy who starts out as an insecure person and sort of finds himself in the end. The author characterizes Dwight in such an interesting way that he becomes a dynamic character. Let me tell you about Dwight’s evolution throughout the story and why this amazing book deserves the 2014 Nene Award.

In the beginning, Dwight is insecure about not having any friends at school. We know this because he made his paper Origami Yoda finger puppet. I know what you are thinking: How does a paper puppet prove someone’s insecurity? It proves Dwight is insecure because when he brought Yoda to school he said it gave advice. Dwight wanted people to listen to his puppet, he wanted friends, and he wanted to find where he belonged. It is sad because he is so desperate he is using a paper puppet to fight his battles and to get him friends. As soon as Yoda started dishing out advice, Dwight started to get just what he wanted: friends.

In the middle of the story, Origami Yoda gave advice to Dwight’s classmate Quavondo, who followed the advice and got what he wanted: not to be considered the middle school Cheeto hog. And ta da! Friends for Dwight! When he had his finger puppet Yoda, Dwight could give amazing advice, but without it, he became normal Dwight, all weird and, well, just Dwight.  

At the very end of the story, Dwight overcomes his fear of being without his puppet, or at least not having it on his finger ALL the time. In one scene, Yoda was not on Dwight’s finger but in his pocket when he was dancing with Caroline. I think he did not want to embarrass himself by dancing with some girl while holding a paper finger puppet. Just before that all happened, Dwight’s advice got better than ever, he had more friends than he ever had, and he had become what could be considered normal.

So that is how Dwight changes throughout the story and all the reasons why this amazing book deserves the 2014 Nene Award. Dwight’s personality transforms in the most interesting way, and I could not leave that idea alone. If you miss reading this astounding, hysterical, laugh out loud book,The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger, huge is the mistake you are making, describe it I cannot!