Interpretive Essay 2015 Winner

By Kelly Thieu
Grade 6
Sacred Hearts Academy

The Day Harvey Crumbles
Written By: The Therapist

The day Harvey crumbled he didn't do it alone. It was an eerie day at McQuarrie Middle School, it was quiet. Too quiet. You know how if you shake a soda bottle it'll explode when you open it? Or when volcanoes explode after many many years or after days? Harvey's like that, shaking up over how many years. One day he just snapped, exploded, crumbled into a tiny crippled Harvey ball.

The day of devastation, everyone was crowding around Dwight and his finger puppet, asking questions like mad. The room crowded with the voices of the questioners.

Until, someone still unknown to this day yelled out, "Hey, Origami Yoda! If you're so great answer this! Why is Harvey a huge arrogant jerkwad?"

The room fell silent, and then erupted into whispers getting louder by the second. Dwight tried to hush everyone, but Harvey had already ran out of the room. It was so quiet, rumor said it that the whole school could hear his footsteps echoing throughout the hallways. Turns out he was trying to run from the embarrassment. One lap, two laps, three laps, four laps, but he couldn't do it. Finally running to the boy's bathroom whose walls were scribbled with all the condescending thoughts Harvey had throughout the years, he ran into the stall. His eyes welled up with his tears. He didn't know whether it was from anger or sadness. Trying to keep quiet, he bit his hand using it as a gag. Little did Harvey know, there was someone with him during his worst time. Dwight was there looking through the crack where the door opened.

"Come on Harvey it's going to be okay." Dwight tried to say hoping to see his sadness go away.

"Just leave me alone Dwight! This is your fault that this had happened! If it wasn't for paperwad Yoda and your act, I wouldn't had have to go through this!" he yelled back, his voice cracking.

Dwight retreated pondering over, "You know what Harvey? It is my fault, and I can fix it."

He walked over to the trash can and crumpled up Yoda.

"Goodbye my wise friend." Dwight said sadly, throwing away his fellow companion.

Days later, Tommy, Mike, Kellen, and Quavando held a secret funeral. For not just Yoda, but for Harvey's tough exterior. The backyard was decorated with a cardboard box with two make shift coffins made out of origami paper. In one held the ball of crumbled paper which used to be origami Yoda, and the other the metaphorical crumbled up remains of Harvey's tough side.

"We would all like to honor one and one half of our friends. Please rise," Tommy started motioning for Mike, Kellen, and Quavando to stand up," Origami Yoda was our source of wisdom, and the one who helped us with all our problems. Although sometimes he might have not given us the best answers, but he always ended up helping us somehow. We would also like to remember Harvey's rudeness. Although we may not had enjoyed it while it lasted. He would always defended us." Tommy said trying to hold in a sniffle.

At school Dwight had lost his fun personality, he simply just stared into the infinite space with a blank look on his face although his eyes held regret. Harvey instead of being mean or nice, was just sad all the time. Most of the time he would have his head in his arms, or just stared at people with a hurt look in his eyes. School just wasn't the same without Dwight's craziness or Harvey's sarcastic lines. Everyone was affected, Mike didn't even care for softball anymore, Quavando just ate Cheetos all day not even caring if he was called Cheeto hog again, and Tommy lost the hope in his eyes. It may not seem like much, but to the close group of friends it was like the volcano in Pompeii.

Harvey ended up getting bullied, and one day he got a swirly in the toilet by none other than Tatar Tot.

"How do you like that you sad loser?" he mocked, but as he kept repeating that sentence over and over again, his mouth turned into a alarm clock and his voice turned into an annoying beeping.


Harvey woke up with a startling gasp. He pinched himself, checked the clock, and washed his face. Like a zombie Harvey walked to school because he missed the bus. On his way there, he chewed hungrily on his apple as if the period of time that he had "lived" in his dream was actually real. He walked to his homeroom finding people crowding around Dwight in a swarm of questions.

Harvey then yelled out, "Hey, Origami Yoda! If you're so great answer this! Why is Harvey a huge jerkwad?"