Interpretive Essay 2015 Honorable Mention

By Emma Rudy
Grade 4

Lavender’s Sticky Dilemma

Lavender had a problem. There was a boy named Ryan who sat next to her in class that kept cheating off her work. The thing was she liked him and she was worried if she told him to stop, bat-eared Brian would hear and rat him out to the teacher. Lavender didn’t want the teacher to know because well.... You know.

Anyway Lavender hoped Ryan would stop on his own. When she realized that wasn’t going to happen she went to the teacher and asked, "Mrs. Buxton, what if... well, what if someone is ch-cheating off your w-work?" And of course she said what all teachers say, "Report that person at once! He or she will get an F on whatever they’re cheating on." Then the teacher asked, "Is anyone cheating off your work?"

"N-not at a-all," Lavender said before she ran out the door. And then she thought, "I should ask Origami Yoda what to do!"

So then she went down to Origami Yoda and told him, "Yoda, there is a boy that keeps cheating off my work."

"Who is this cheater pants?" Yoda asked.

"Ryan," She answered.

"Trouble this must be," Yoda said. "Stick to your principles, you will." Dwight then handed her a pad of sticky notes.

"What the heck?" She thought.

Lavender couldn’t stop thinking about what Origami Yoda meant: "Stick to your –

"Ring!!!!!!" went the bell. So she went to class, and just as she sat down she figured it out! "Stick to my principles---my principles are not to cheat!" she thought out loud.

Then she got out the sticky notes and wrote down:

Stop cheating! Hey! I see you!!

Whenever Ryan peeked over she’d quickly slap the sticky notes over her answer. It worked! Ryan got the message. He quit cheating off her.

The very next day she found sticky notes on her desk:

Hey-Sorry. Want to help me study?

Of course she wanted to! She did a little dance. And this was all because of the help of Origami Yoda!