Interpretive Essay 2015 Honorable Mention

Alexander Law
Grade 6

By Harvey

Man, those idiots are so weird. I really need better friends. I also know that paperwad Yoda is a fraud. I just know it. I don’t believe in Dwight’s paperwad thing. It’s just weird. I also don’t get how Dwight can be so STUPID and his paperwad origami thing can prove that anything he says right. A real smart person wouldn’t believe in him and realize that the force is fake. So, that proves that Dwight is doing this to get everyone’s attention. But still anyways, paperwad Yoda is a fake.

Some of these might prove that paperwad Yoda is an idiot and some may say he is fake. Like when Tommy asked paperwad Yoda about his hair, that was just idiotic, and when Kellen told the girls about the pop quiz, that could happen any day at any time! It’s just stupid. STUPID! I say, it also could have just happened by dumb guesses that Dwight makes. Tommy, finish this case file with this comment; I think that you could say that Dwight is weird on purpose.

He’s weird on purpose to cause more dramatic moments for the school. Plus his Yoda voice could kill a cow if he did it just long enough. So I went to school and asked some other people if they believed in origami Yoda. First I asked Zack Martin. He punched me in the face, and this is what he said, “No because that paper ball on that little punk’s finger is just a paper ball.” Next I asked Marcie: the eighth grader. She complained so much about the spelling bee (which I won 2nd place in) so she hated Dwight. Finally I asked one of Marcie’s friend. She said no way! I would never ask that jerk after what he did to my best friend! So I decided to take that as a no. So 3/3 of the people that asked said no. I decided to conclude the questions there. That also proves all my points. People are on my side.

Paperwad Yoda is a fraud. How Tommy is with Sara? Sara asked Dwight so Dwight already knows. That is how Tommy ended up with Sara. It’s weird but it happened. I know that paperwad Yoda is fake. The Terrell case was easy to figure out. Terrell was the worst singer left on American Idol. Someone asked who was gonna get kicked off. Origami Yoda didn’t need time to figure that out because everyone knows that Terrell was going to get kicked off. Kicked off because he sucks at singing. Ok. So now we know that Paperwad Yoda is fake. I will prove that it’s true. I will prove that Origami Yoda is a fake! Fake! A Fraud!!!

Tommy’s comment: Harvey, we all know that you think that Origami Yoda is a fake. But some of us actually believe in Origami Yoda. Sure Origami Yoda is a fake but Dwight makes it real.

Harvey’s comment: Sure he’s real. A real piece of paper that tells fake advice! Sure. He’s real.