Persuasive Poster 2013 Honorable Mention

Skyler Chun
6th Grade
Maryknoll School


My poster shows Evan and Jessie both pouring their own lemonade into a cup. Evan is pouring his lemonade out with speech bubbles and hearts because he was good at talking to other people and understanding feelings. Jessie is pouring her lemonade out with math symbols and numbers because math was her strength. It shows that if they put their lemonade together they the get better lemonade and it is better when you work together and don't get into a fight.

To make this poster i had to think about what I was going to draw. I wanted to draw something different than just a lemonade stand and selling lemonade because probably everyone was going to do that. My mom and dad thought of an idea about selling lemonade and drawing a line through it to show that they weren't working together to sell lemonade. Then that made me think about how they had different strengths. First I wrote the title and drew the cup and pitchers. Then I drew the symbols in the lemonade. Next I sharpied and erased the pencil marks. Finally I colored with some markers and mostly colored pencils. I made Jessie's lemonade yellow and Evan's lemonade yellow with some light blue. I colored their lemonade mixed together and blue and yellow mixed together makes green So I colored the lemonade mixed together green with some yellow. That is how I made my poster.