Persuasive Poster 2013 Winner

Reese Yamamoto
6th Grade
Mililani 'Ike Elementary

I created this scene because I believe it combined all the components that were instrumental to the creation of the Automatronic. The first thing I chose to do was select the various scenes from the book I felt were important; I tried to incorporate multiple ideas into one. My mother helped size my paper and then I started my drawings of the different characters and important ideas from the story. Since all the illustrations were done in black and white, I decided to carry on the monochromatic theme into my poster. A technique my dad taught me, was how to do was shading. It helped give dimension to my illustration. I also put my own spin on my design by adding another aspect of dimension with foam tape to overlay or superimpose some parts of the pictures. The different uses of these techniques make my illustration "pop" and grab the attention of the viewers. When I was writing this, I also used a dictionary and thesaurus to help me find and learn more descriptive and powerful words (the new words I learned are underlined).