Persuasive Essay 2013 Winner

Mariko Quinn
Grade 5
Kaneohe Elementary School

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies definitely deserves the 2012 Nene Award. With its conflict, humor, and adventure on every page, it is the perfect winner.

As Jessie and Evan were cleaning the dishes, Jessie asked Evan how much money he had made selling lemonade that day. Evan flashed back to Jessie’s smirking, waving of the money, and Megan Moriarty laughing. Everything built up inside of Evan like a volcano about to erupt. Suddenly it did erupt; Evan yelled at his sister and told her that she was too young to hang with Megan. “The words felt like disgusting spiders running out of his mouth. They were horrible.” Jessie shot back angrily, saying that Megan liked her and they were going to play again the next day. Evan bet Jessie one hundred dollars to see who could make the most money by Sunday, and Jessie agreed. This is the scene that I loved the most.

The conflict in this scene is person vs. person. The words put me into a trance as I pictured Jessie and Evan in the kitchen, firing angry comments at each other, like a machine gun firing bullets. When I read this scene I thought I was going to burst from all the excitement bubbling in my body. The author’s amazing choice of words makes it very easy to see how mad Evan and Jessie were at each other. I can easily relate to this argument because my brother and I have had a couple of arguments similar to this one, and I know how it feels to be really irritated with your sibling.

I was amazed with the awesome simile in this scene: “The words felt like spiders running out of his mouth.” This simile showed that Evan didn’t really mean the words that he said, but he was so mad that he said them anyway. I know this feeling because sometimes when I’m really upset with my brother I threaten to take away his toys, even though I don’t really want to. I loved the characterization in this scene. As Jessie and Evan are fighting, their true feelings pour out. This scene showed me that Evan is outraged that Jessie is selling lemonade with Megan. Since Megan is from his fourth grade class, I believe this made him furious because he doesn’t want everyone to know that his younger sister is smarter than he is. I can also tell that Jessie is angry that Evan thinks that she shouldn’t play with Megan. Jessie thinks she is doing the right thing by trying to show Evan that she can be just like the others in their class. Jessie wants to blend in.

You will be amazed at the adventure, action, and mystery as you turn the pages of The Lemonade War. This book will super glue you on the edge of your seat until you have turned all of its pages. The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is perfect for the 2012 Nene Award.