Nene Interpretive Essay, 2013 Honorable Mention

Jamie Lacno
6th Grade
Maryknoll School

“Evan, time for breakfast!” called Mrs. Treski. “Be right there”, Evan moaned. “Evan, it’s the first day of school! Aren’t you excited?” asked Jessie, jumping up, and down. Evan was half awake, when suddenly the sound of a school bus screeching down the road towards Megan Moriarty’s house, jolted him.

7:09! “I’m gonna be late!” Evan shouted. He shoved on his pants and threw on his shirt, running his comb through his hair. He grabs his toothbrush, throws on his backpack, and is running out on to the sidewalk, while Jessie happily skips out the door with her hair in pigtails looking presentable. Getting onto the bus, as always, Jessie sat down in the first seat next to Megan. Evan sat down three rows back, alone . . . Scott Spencer walks up, and sits down next to him.

Why did that guy have to ruin my summer! “Just for once can I enjoy my first day of school?” Evan thought, heaving a heavy sigh. “How’s it going? I heard that you lost to your little sister in a lemonade war. What a loser.” Scott teased. “Yeah, well -”Evan hesitated. He wasn’t prepared for that.

At that moment, the bus abruptly lurked forward and Scott turned his interests on a kid with a Gameboy. “Phew! Dodged that one.” Jessie was walking happily and proud down the hallway with Megan, to find their classes. Jessie found her room and sat down right in the front row because if she sat in the back, she couldn’t see over the other kids. There was another small girl with glasses sitting next to Jessie who seemed just as shy as her.

“Hi, my name is Jessie. I’m sort of new to this 4th grade process and I need someone to help me through,” said Jessie in a soft whisper. “Hi! My name is Emma and right now my goal is to beat my own record of a math multiplication problem in 2.6 seconds.” Jessie knew she had found her own friend who spoke the same language. “ We should hang out.” Jessie said excitedly. “That would be wonderful,” agreed Emma.

On the other hand, Evan was having a bad first day. “I thought the first day of school was supposed to be the best one of them all.” He muttered to himself. “Okay class, my name is Mrs. Overton. I will be your homeroom teacher this year and make sure to tell your parents the classroom open house is this Friday. We will play some little games to get to know each other.”

Jessie was so excited! She was going to play chess with Emma and get to know her. RING! RING! RING! “ I was just about to take your king!” Jessie complained. “We can always play after recess,” Emma said with a sigh of relief. Jessie ran down the hall to Megan’s class and pulled Megan aside on a bench.

They talked non-stop about their first day of school. Evan appeared with his backpack looking as if he just got out of a football tackle, stiff and sad. Jessie walked up to Evan to cheer him up. “Are you okay? Did that rotten Scott Spencer ruin your day? Turn that frown upside down!” Jessie commanded. Evan was silent.

“What’s really bothering you?” Jessie pressed. “Nothing that REALLY matters, I mean you made a new friend, you weren’t late for the bus, you didn’t-“ Evan started. “Stop, whining! The choice is yours, forget all that!” Jessie interrupted.

RING! RING! RING! After the bell rang, Jessie rushed to class, hoping not to be late. “Okay class, we are going to play some more games with our buddies. Grab a partner, and settle down some where in the classroom that’s quiet enough for you,” Mrs. Overton said, as she sat down. “ How did you win? I just got your king surrounded,” Jessie said as she set up for the next game.

RING! RING! RING! “ That last thirty minutes went by fast! Hope you guys have a wonderful day,” Mrs. Overton told her students as they put the games away. Jessie ran outside to catch up with Megan. “Hey! My new friend Emma played chess with me in class today,” Jessie said. “That’s good. Do you want to walk with me to the bus?” Megan replied. “Sure,” Jessie said. Evan lugged himself on the bus and sat down.

Scott walked up, and was so distracted he went right past Evan. Inside; Evan felt a sigh of relief. On the bus ride there, students were talking about how good their day was. Evan was ignoring them, it just aggravates him to think about it. “Screech!” Jessie ran out once more, while Evan, dragged himself to his room, while Jessie stepped in the kitchen to greet her mother.

“How was your day?” asked Mrs. Treski. “Wonderful, Mom, just wonderful! Guess what? I made a new friend, Emma. We got to play chess.” Jessie said.

“Evan! How was your day?” There was silence. “Evan!” Mrs. Treski yelled from downstairs.” Great just great!” Evan yelled back. It was going to be a long night Evan thought, as he closed his eyes, to escape the day’s horrors.

I chose to do an Interpretive essay, because I thought that where Jacqueliene Davis ended The Lemonade War, didn’t really satisfy me. So, I thought I’d make an alternate ending of what I’d think the ending would be like.  I chose to do the first day of school for the Treskis, and what problems they would face. It took me about 3 edits to finalize my essay.
My teacher, Mrs. DePonte had given me some advice about my essay and some other people helped me develop it to perfection (at least I thought it was original).