Persuasive Poster 2013 Honorable Mention

Brayden Bella
6th Grade
Maryknoll School


This is my picture of the Invention of Hugo Cabret, Looking into My Life.
My drawing is about four different and important scenes of Hugo's life.
The fist scene is when Hugo meets Isabelle. She was the one who had the "key" to the Mysterious Mechanical Man and helped Hugo get his book back.
The next scene is when Hugo takes the key from Isabelle and unlocks the Mechanical Man. This leads to my next scene, when the Mechanical Man draws the rocket in the moon, the first movie Hugo ever watched. My last scene ties everything together. It is when Hugo finds himself an new family after he realizes people like his films.
I was inspired to draw my background shaped like a book, because whenever someone thinks about Hugo, they think of a "big book". I also drew gears with numbers and "eyes" in the face of a clock. This resembles Hugo's life, living in the clocks as he looked out into the train station.
I enjoyed drawing my picture describing The Invention and Life of Hugo Cabret.