Persuasive Essay 2012 Honorable Mention

Skyler Chun
Grade 5
Mililani ‘Ike Elem. School

The coral sunlight descends as Flinch eats five pieces of candy to get excited and build adrenaline. The sharp gust beams through the room as Flinch throws Jackson at the machine. The book Nerds by Michael Buckley won the 2011 Nene Award. In this book a boy named Jackson joins the National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society, otherwise known as NERDS, because once he gets his braces on then he becomes an outcast like the rest of the Nerds. My favorite scene is when Jackson uses himself as a magnet to deter the machine from putting the continents back together. I chose this scene because Jackson proves to the NERDS that he is a good team member.

First of all, in this scene Jackson uses his braces as a magnet. For example, Flinch eats five pieces of candy to build enough adrenaline to throw Jackson across the room to Dr. Jigsaw’s machine. The narrator says, “From star quarterback to nerd with magnetized dental appliances…And then it hit him” (p. 293). This shows how Jackson got the idea to use his braces as a magnet. I like how the author showed Jackson’s point of view and what he was thinking.

Second of all, Jackson needs to stop the machine. For instance, he needs to stop the machine so Dr. Jigsaw’s plan to put the continents back together would not happen. The narrator says, “The image changed to a nervous man… ‘First, I’m not really sure how to explain what is happening… North America seems to be moving’ ” (p. 289). This shows that Jackson needs to stop the machine from moving the land. The author uses good imagery and point of view to describe the way the people felt about what the machine was doing.

Third of all, Dr. Jigsaw’s plan does not work. To illustrate, the machine stops working and it crashes to the ground. The narrator says, “They smashed at the rod, and soon the machine began to show signs of failure. The green beam of energy began to sputter. Jackson’s obnoxious dental work was destroying Dr. Jigsaw’s doomsday device. ‘No!’ ” Dr. Jigsaw cried (p. 294). In this scene, the author uses remarkable imagery and word choice to describe the machine breaking down. All in all, Jackson’s plan to use his braces to stop Dr. Jigsaw’s continent-connecting machine worked.

In conclusion, I picked this scene because when Jackson helps by using his braces as a magnet, the rest of the NERDS accept Jackson as their friend. In the beginning, Jackson is a new member to NERDS and the other team members do not really like him because he used to bully them but when he helps, they start to like him. Throughout the scene, the author uses good word choice and imagery to show how Jackson stopped the continents from moving. At the end, Jackson shows the team that he cares, he helps them on his first mission, and saves the world.


To write my essay, first I thought about my favorite scene from the book, and I wrote a first draft. Then I added why I like it and evidence from the book that showed my ideas. My mom helped to check that the words were spelled correctly and that it sounded okay. My teachers helped me to organize my ideas and to use more adjectives and verbs.