Interpretive Essay 2012 Winner

Siya Kumar
Grade 4
Salt Lake Elementary

Chapter 25

Okay, I know I made a mistake. There is one mission I haven’t mentioned. Since you won’t stop reading this book, I guess I’ll just tell you. This is the mission after Egypt.

Back at school, Heathcliff whispered something to their teacher. “C’mon” whispered the team. Jackson followed them but he was doing the 100 page essay that was due today. He had only done 50 pages because he had training every day. If he didn’t finish his essay today, he would be in detention with Mr. Dehaven for the rest of his years at Nathan Hale Elementary School. But it’s not like he could do anything about it. So he followed them quietly to the locker and slid down to the playground as usual. “Did I come here for training?” Jackson groaned. “No, you came here for a mission.” Said Ms.Holiday. “You must hurry on this mission.” Agent Brand pointed out. “This mission is harder than the one you guys went on some days ago.”

“Do I get to fight this time?” asked Jackson eagerly. “NO!” yelled Ruby, Ms. Holiday and Agent Brand furiously. “Where are we going?” asked the team. “You are going to India to save Dr. Kumar. Now hurry and get on the school bus.” said Ms. Holiday.

Chapter 26

India is such an overpopulated country. They could barely walk on the sidewalk. It is fifty times noisier than a mother screaming while giving birth. Dr. Kumar is the smartest scientist in India. Dr. Jigsaw thinks he will tell him how to power his machine. Hyena is ready to kidnap Dr. Kumar.

“It kind of feels like we are in a parade.” said Flinch. “What did you say?” asked Duncan. “You want to play charades?” asked Duncan. “Never mind” said Flinch. “You’re kind?” asked Duncan. Flinch let out a sigh. “Matilda, go fly to his house. We will meet you there. His house is right there – the one with the gate in front of it. Duncan, try to get to that house too. Flinch, Jackson and Heathcliff, let’s go!” Ruby commanded. “Got it” said Matilda, Duncan, Flinch, Heathcliff and Jackson simultaneously. “Isn’t it so funny we all said it at the same?” Jackson said slightly giggling. No one answered him. “Heathcliff, try to hypnotize most of these people to move faster because we don’t have that much time.” Commanded Ruby. “I’ll give it my best.” Heathcliff said. Fifteen seconds later, the crowd moved faster.

“Why can’t I use my braces to get to the house?” said Jackson. “You are not ready yet and I don’t think you will ever be.” Heathcliff said. Jackson felt as if he were going to cry. Finally, when they got there, they saw Duncan and Matilda. “Someone almost saw me sticking to the walls.” said Duncan. “That’s okay. Ms. Holiday told me that we are disguised as Indian praying people.” Boys are called swami ji’s and girls are called mata ji’s. Ms. Holiday told me that only boys wear praying clothes. She said she hid the clothes across the street by that park bench. No one ever sits on that bench so no one could take it. Heathcliff, Flinch and Duncan hurry and get the clothes. “Put them on and then come back” commanded Ruby. “What about me?” Jackson questioned. “Oh yeah. I forgot we had someone new join the team. Go quickly.” said Ruby. “Yes maam.” Jackson replied soldier-like.

Chapter 27

“Are we all ready to go into the house? Wait I forgot we need to know what to say. Just copy whatever I say. Got it? Braceface, lip sync please.” Ruby said. “How do you know what to say?” asked Jackson. “I study India in my free time so I know some of the language and some prayers.” Ruby bragged. “When you go inside, say Namaste okay. It means hello. There are many people in there. He’s arranged a truck for food. If they ask you to eat something, just say no thank you. We came here to protect Dr. Kumar. There is someone trying to kidnap him. He or she could be anywhere in the party. So beware.” Ruby said.

Duncan knocked on the door. When the door opened, they all said “Namaste.” “Namaste. How are you?” said Dr. Kumar. “Mey tik hoon” Ruby responded. “Ruby, how do you say I need to go to the bathroom and where is the bathroom?” asked Jackson. “Muja bathroom jaana hae. Bathroom kaka hae?” Ruby answered. Jackson tapped Dr. Kumar on the shoulder. “Mubla bathroom jaala hae. Bathroom kaka hae?” Jackson said. “What are you saying? Can you say that in English please.” said Dr. Kumar. “I need to go to the bathroom. Where is the bathroom?” asked Jackson. Dr. Kumar replied, “Go straight and take a left.” Ruby told them, “Let’s sit here and wait for Jackson. Dr. Kumar wants us to start the pooja in 5 minutes. Remember to copy whatever I say.”

Chapter 28

“So what did I miss?” asked Jackson. “Uh oh.” Right in front of his eyes, the team was fighting with someone holding onto Dr. Kumar. “Isn’t that the girl I saw in Egypt?” Jackson thought. “Jackson, take Dr. Kumar and hide!” Ruby yelled. Dr. Kumar was tied up and sitting in the corner of the room. Jackson grabbed him and ran to the backyard. They hid behind a bush. Jackson untied Dr. Kumar. Dr. Kumar kissed Jackson on the cheek, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You saved my life.” Ruby punched Hyena in the stomach. Hyena flew out the window and hit the fence where Jackson and Dr. Kumar were hiding. Jackson’s braces shot out of his mouth and grabbed Hyena by the waist. Then the hands flapjacked her. Hyena climbed the fence and grabbed Dr. Kumar. She ran as fast as she could. The team came out of the house and yelled at Jackson for letting the Hyena take Dr. Kumar. They took the school bus home. Agent Brand was not happy.

The End

Brief Statement about the process:

First, our school librarian got me a copy of the NERDS book to read. I chose what project I wanted to do and set a goal of 1000 words. When I finished reading the book, I started writing. At one point in my story, I had to write in my language so I asked my mom and dad to make sure I wrote it correctly. When I was done, I showed it to the librarian. She checked it and fixed some errors. Then I showed it to my reading teacher and she helped me edit as well. My reading teacher typed it for me because we had various challenges like a blackout during our reading period, etc.