Kira Ricci
Grade 6
Maryknoll Grade School


“Courage is like fire, bullying like smoke” –Benjamin Disraeli. A young boy, Jackson Jones, always picks on the nerds at school. His popular reputation shatters when he finds out that he needs braces! Jackson loses his friends and begins to feel like a nerd. In a matter of hours, he joins an organization called National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society, also called NERDS. The officials of NERDS power up Jackson's braces to be an epic weapon. In NERDS by Michael Buckley, the protagonist, Jackson, transforms into a bully to a super nerd.

First of all, he is a bully. For example, Jackson gives nerds wet willies and attach 'Kick me' signs on their backs. He shoots wet paper balls and makes nerds kiss his shoes. Being picked on by a team of bullies is probably the end of the world for a large group of nerds. If wet paper balls and wet willies are not enough, how about a gruesome atomic wedgie? Thus, Jackson is a top bully. The narrator quotes, “They loaded the straws with sticky-wet spitballs and aimed at the panicked nerds” (p.3).

Second of all, after he transforms into a nerd, Jackson is annoyed that his brother and his „former‟ friends called him names. Later, he gets shunned by his teacher and his head is soaking wet from getting plunged in a toilet. Kick me signs appear all over his back. He feels what atomic wedgies feel like. Ouch! Jackson finally discovers what it is like nerd, and he is the most unpopular kid in his whole school. The narrator quotes, “His popularity vanished over night. Friends turned their backs as he walked by…” (p.8). Therefore, being a nerd is terrible when one was once a popular kid.

Third of all, Jackson suddenly becomes a super nerd. For instance, Jackson's braces are powered up to be an awesome weapon. Tiny nanobytes connect to his brain and allow him to use his mind. For example, if he thinks swords, the braces become them. Perhaps a machine gun? The braces become the machine gun. All in all, Jackson Jones is an evil-stopping nerd who can face adversaries any time. Jackson says, “ Sorry, finders keepers,” he replied as four long metallic arms crept out of his mouth, planted themselves on the ground, and lifted him up like a spider” (p.165)

In conclusion, Jackson Jones is a boy who transforms from being a bully to being a super nerd. I learned that one should not bully someone. Nerd, psycho, or not, they could be the top dog and may become a very good friend. I recommend this book because it is very comical and has lots of details. I could feel the characters' personality and their emotions by the dialogue and the written actions in every chapter. I cannot wait to read the next two books!