Persuasive Poster 2012 Winner

Chloe Kalani
Grade 5
Mililani 'Ike Elementary


First I thought long and hard to see what was my favorite scene was because every scene is my favorite scene. Then I thought of which characters are involved in the scene. Then I realized that I really enjoyed the scenes when Matilda flies, so I wanted to draw her flying with of course her inhaler which allows her to fly. After my pre-thinking I started to draft the poster. I wanted to make it look like she was flying over the town so I used perspective and made Matilda big and the city small. Then when I was finished with my draft I started with Matilda and drew her in her uniform. Then I drew the scenery an then I sharpied. After that I colored and I came out with my finished product. My parents Helped me a lot by encouraging me and giving me their opinion to improve my poster. This is the process I went through to finished my poster.