Aisha Yamamoto
Grade 4
Kaneohe Elementary

NERDS by Michael Buckley deserves the 2011 Nene Award. With the excitement, twists, and the mystery within the pages, this is a great book for anybody who is seeking humor, laughter, and adventure.

Jackson could see his future: leaving popularity behind and saying hello to the nerd world. “After Dr. Gupta was finished, Jackson was thirty-two teeth lighter, but fourteen pounds of metal heavier.” A metal snake wrapped itself around Jackson’s head. The braces treated his teeth like circus animals, trapping them in steel cages! This was the scene that I found most amazing.

I liked the imagery and figurative language that Michael Buckley used in this scene. “Worse, a metal halo that Gupta called ‘headgear’ was attached to Jackson’s bicuspids, and protruded out of his mouth and encircled his head like Saturn’s rings.” When I read this excerpt, I could just picture how bizarre Jackson’s braces looked. I like how Michael Buckley used a simile to compare Jackson’s headgear with Saturn’s rings.

Jackson had an inner conflict in this scene. He had to deal with leaving his popularity behind and face what nerds have to face: torture. When Jackson got braces his whole life changed. One day he was the most popular kid at Nathan Hale Elementary, then the next day no one wanted to glance or hang out with him.

There was a major cause and effect in this scene. Getting braces caused Jackson to gain membership to the NERDS team. He didn’t know that the worst thing that ever happened to him (getting braces) would become the only hope for the world. At the end of the story, Jackson and the NERDS save the world.

NERDS by Michael Buckley is a book that will capture you in its pages and won’t let you out. But, the book is filled with so much mystery, humor, and laughter, you might not want to come out.