by Margaret Peterson Haddix


2010 Nēnē Award Winner
Science Fiction Mystery & Suspense

"Hey, Jo-No," she called, using the nickname she knew would annoy him. "Mom says to get the mail."
Jonah tried to remember if he'd seen the mail truck gliding through the neighborhood. Maybe when he and Chip were concentrating on shooting hoops? He hoped it wasn't when they were rolling around in the grass laughing and making fools of themselves. But he obediently jumped up and went over to the mailbox, pulling out a small stack of letters and ads. He carried the mail up to Katherine....
"Hey, Jo-no-brain, can't you read?" Katherine asked, as annoying as ever. "This one's for you."
She pulled a white envelope off the top of the stack of mail and shoved it back into his hands. It did indeed say Jonah Skidmore on the address label, but it wasn't the type of mail he usually got. Usually if he got mail, it was just postcards or brochures, reminding him about school events or basketball leagues or Boy Scout camp-outs. This envelope looked very formal and official, like an important notice.
"Who's it from?" Katherine asked.
"It doesn't say." That was strange too. He flipped the envelope over and ripped open the flap. He pulled out one thin sheet of paper.
"Let me see," Katherine said, jostling against him and knocking the letter out of his hand.
The letter fluttered slowly down toward the threshold of the door, but Jonah had already read every single word on the page. There were only six:

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