Persuasive Poster 2011 Winner

Emily Kurth, grade 5
Mililani 'Ike Elementary



My parents helped me with my Found poster by scanning my sketch so it could be put on the appropriate poster paper for water coloring. They also helped me with their opinions of how my poster looks like and how I can fix it.

How I created my poster was by using Mrs. Seatriz' opinion on how my draft looked like. She said that the scene I chose didn't have a lot of action. I used her opinion and chose a different scene that I thought had the most action, which was after the Library scene, with a little anime technique because one of my hobbies is drawing anime. Then I started to edit my poster drawing (sharpie/erasing). After that, I was ready to water color. I wanted to paint my picture not exactly inside the lines and to make the trees look like they have different colored leaves. And then I finished my poster.