Interpretive Essay 2011 Winner

Jarred Hee, grade 6
Kaneohe Elementary School

            As Jonah peeked out of the cave, he was speechless. He was looking at a stomach churning sight. His mind was working overtime. Trying to figure out a possible explanation for what he was looking at, Jonah stumbled back dazed. Slowly he sat down across from the other kids in the cave. He needed to pull himself together.

            “This isn’t real. I must be seeing things,” Jonah whispered.

            Jonah sluggishly stood up. His legs felt like Jell-O, so did his spine. And his eyes were infected with the bone chilling sight he had just seen. He glanced out of the cave one more time just to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. But this was not his imagination. He had just proved that to himself for the second time, although he probably wished what he saw was his imagination. Jonah would beg on his knees or kiss the ground if he was able to. But he wasn’t. What he saw out of the cave, was nothing.

            “Katherine, come look at this! Come look out of the cave! Hurry!” Jonah screamed. His hands were shaking, his hair was standing up, and he had the look of true fear on his face.
            “Jeez, you don’t need to scream. It’s not like it’s the end of the world,” Katherine said sarcastically.
            “Well, it’s probably pretty close to it!” Jonah cried.

            Katherine rushed over to Jonah. His eyes were bulging, as if he had seen a ghost or even worse…

            “Man, what is your problem? It looks like a vampire sucked out all of the blood in your body,” Katherine said as she rolled her eyes at Jonah, too embarrassed of him to even look him straight in the eye.
            “Just look through the hole!” Jonah yelled with a pinch of impatience in his voice.
Katherine looked through the hole where the giant “boulder” (more like hand scanner) was disconnected from the wall. With an astonished look on her face, Katherine looked so still, that she could have been a wax statue.

            “Hey, what would happen if something or someone went through the hole?” Katherine asked in a shaky voice.
            “How should I know? I’m just as new to this as you!” Jonah said.

All of a sudden, Katherine stuck her hand into the hole and it disappeared.

            “OH MY GOSH, MY HAND, IT DISAPPEARED!” Katherine screamed at the top of her lungs.
            “Pull your hand out!” Jonah and some other kids yelled.

            Katherine pulled her hand out of the hole as fast as a speeding bullet, and thankfully it reappeared.

            “Why did you do that?” Jonah yelled.
            “It was an experiment,” Katherine said.
            “Well, that wasn’t really the GREATEST idea!” Jonah cried.

            Classic Katherine, this is just like that time at our uncle’s barbecue. Katherine found a small brownish beige lizard and instantly stuck her finger by its mouth, and the squirming little lizard bit her. After the tears were gone, I asked her why she did that. “It was just an experiment, I was wondering if lizards bite.” Katherine explained.

            Now that Katherine’s “experiment” was over, Jonah was even more irritated than before. This was probably the worst day of his life. But to top it off, he thought he would probably die there, because a billion years in the small cave was an instant in the outside world. Nervousness and terror were the only things in the small cave. And besides occasional coughs and sighs, everyone was very still, as if paralyzed.