Persuasive Essay 2011 Honorable Mention

Carlee Matsunaga, grade 6
Sacred Hearts Academy

My favorite scene from the book Found by Margret Peterson Hadix is when Chip and Jonah find out that they were historical figures sent through time travel to the present as ordinary babies.  This was my favorite scene because in the beginning of the book, the narrator said that the mysterious plane had landed at an airport with no pilots, no flight attendants, and the entire plane was filled with babies!  No adults at all.  Towards the end of the book, Chip, and Jonah find out that they are actually historic figures of the past.  When I read this part, I was in complete shock.  They were babies on that mysterious plane.  It was the unpredictable plot sequence that I liked most about this scene.

First of all, I did not expect them to be historical figures of the past.  This unpredictable part of the plot left me baffled, because I was not expecting two of those babies to be Jonah and Chip.  For example, if I put myself into Chip’s or Jonah’s body, I would be pretty confused, upset, and terrified.  Also, in the whole book, it did not even give me one clue that they were historical figures from the past.  All Margret Peterson Hadix showed or gave me was that they had gotten mysterious letters, and had been experiencing a very rough and scary week.  Her ability to keep this secret and yet allow me to comprehend the entire text is very inspiring.

Second of all, I was surprised that the plane itself had been filled with all the babies, because no airlines in this world would allow unattended babies on a plane.  It is almost as incomprehensible as some bag falling out of the air with a baby in it.  I am sure that you will agree that, that is just a little awkward, if not downright strange.  If I were a flight attendant who had to scope out that plane, I would be screaming in terror.  Literally. 

Third of all, another unpredictable part of the scene was how the reader was aware of the adventure that Chip and Jonah were on, yet Chip and Jonah themselves did not really have a clue as to what was going on.  In other words, Chip and Jonah realized that they were on a journey, but they did not understand what was happening to them and why it was happening.

In conclusion, the unpredictable plot sequence of the babies in the plane was what I liked most about the novel Found by Margret Peterson Hadix.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  Margret Peterson Hadix kept me enthralled and in suspense for the entire three hundred and fifteen pages of this book.  It shows her skill as an author, and I know that I will soon be reading the second book of the sequel, Sent.  I hope that it will meet all of my expectations set by her first novel, Found.


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