Persuasive Category 2010 Winner

Misha Chun , grade 5
Kaneohe Elementary

           Meggie traced her finger on the worn out printed script, whispered the words, and saw a little speck of light.  She switched off the flashlight, but the speck still shone brightly in the starry night, “a thousand times brighter than the night-lights.”  As it slowed to a stop, Meggie couldn’t believe her eyes... She read out Tinker Bell from Peter Pan!  She had the gift!  Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, with its surprising scenes and spectacular moments, makes your heart race and deserves the 2009 Nene Award.
            I liked the cause and effect in this scene.  Meggie was reading the text out loud, and then Tinker Bell appeared out of nowhere.  Meggie discovered that she had a great gift, but didn’t know that it would save them all.  Although she thought reading out Tinker Bell was a mistake because she never meant to, it was really her fate to use this ability to defeat Capricorn, an evil man who wants to rule the world.
            This scene has so much detail and imagery.  Cornelia Funke created sensational similes about Tinker Bell by comparing her to a lost butterfly and a mutated glowworm.  “Meggie went to the bed without taking her eyes off the fairy, who was darting faster and faster around the little room like a lost butterfly, up to the ceiling, back to the door, over to the window again.”  I could picture in my mind a floating speck, no bigger than my own hand, flying around in a dark room.  I saw Tinker Bell fluttering around the room like a monkey in a small cage.  Also, just like Fenoglio, a character in the book, said, she seemed like “a mutated glowworm.”
            I adored the hyperbole in the paragraph.  “...a thousand times brighter than the night-lights.”  This is how Cornelia Funke describes the frantic fairy.  It pauses, momentarily settles you in place, and rewinds, so you can watch the entire moment.
            Inkheart by Cornelia Funke is a spectacular and exhilarating book.  The treasure lies hidden in between the pages of this tamed tale.  It will zap you into your own little fantasy world and might not let you escape.