Interpretive Category 2010 Honorable Mention

Isaac Taguchi, grade 6
Waolani Judd Nazarene School

Newspaper Article


Italian Times


Strange Things

Happening in Italy

By Isaac Taguchi, grade 6
Waolani Judd Nazarene School

“Lately there have been many robberies.  Most of them only stole books. All the books happen to have the same name of Inkheart.  But this time, people have been seeing strange lights and heard people screaming.  There have also been rumors of a man who can read things out of books. Somehow this is related to the robberies,” says Police Chief Micah Hiromoto. Read the anecdotes of the police force to learn more.

“In the last three months, there have been hundreds of robberies and break-ins. The majority of them are of books.  But all of them had the title Inkheart.  This is definitely not a coincidence.  I wonder why someone would want to steal the book because it is not worth much and I did not really enjoy it.  The police chief thinks that all these crimes have to do with the others, but how?  Someone must be trying very hard to get all the books that are named Inkheart, “says Officer John Luke.

“Yesterday I got a call from a couple saying they saw a beam of light come out of nowhere.  The two were in their house sleeping at 10:47 pm when suddenly they saw a red light flashing in the sky.  Right after that, there was a scream of a man, they said.  The couple was named Sam Howard, an 83-year-old man and his wife,

Ashley Howard, an 81-year-old woman.  They said they were terrified and the only thing they could think of was calling the police. I’m going to find out what is happening,” says Officer Tom Becker.

“There have been rumors about a man who is able to read anything out of any book at his own will.  A man told me he was supposedly read out of Inkheart, one of my favorite novels.  Of course I didn't believe him.  His name was Capricorn and stood about 5'8” with a pale white face and a bald head.  Another man came to the police department and his name was Dustfinger. He said Mortimer Folchart also read him out of Inkheart.  He was in rags, stood about 5’7”, and had blonde hair,” says Officer Tyler Matsukawa.

So, there you have it.  Three police force anecdotes straight from the heart.  One about a wacky man, another about strange things, and another about book robberies. There are many strange things out there. So keep on the lookout and report them to:

Police Department #: 124-7853
Address: 465 Park Street
Florence, Italy








The Process

1. The students were asked to select a scene from Inkheart. They then filled out a planning sheet that asked them to briefly summarize their scene; list some descriptive quotes they enjoyed; any author's craft they noticed; whose point of view was the scene written from; and some of the events that occurred in their scene.

2. The students filled out a web that they normally use to plan papers they write.

3. The students wrote their drafts, then did a "Self-Edit" sheet with a checklist similar to what they normally use for their papers which has them check organization, ideas/content, conventions, fluency, voice and word choice. They exchanged papers and two other students read their paper, checked it against the "Partner-Edit" checklist and made comments.

4. Students revised and typed their papers.

5. The teacher reviewed their papers, checking spelling, grammar, and sense.

6. Students revised their papers, reprinted and proofed them and completed their final paper. Students helped proof each others' papers.

7. Teacher created PDF file.