Interpretive Category 2010 Winner

INKHEART ... New Scene ...
By Eileen Roco, grade 6
Sacred Hearts Academy

      Basta ran.

      Cursing under his breath and every so often clawing at the millions of bug bites on his arms, he ran blindly throughout Capricorn’s forest. He suddenly stumbled on an unseen tree root and flew through the air, collapsing into a ditch filled with sharp rocks which tore off his filthy and ragged shirt.

      After letting out another string of curses, he got up to his aching feet and gazed warily at the edge of the pit. He hadn’t realized that he was well above head level deep in the ground-he had been closing his eyes. Now, he saw that it would take days-perhaps weeks to crawl out of it. In rage, he hurled his fist furiously at the side of the ditch, only shaking off minute pieces of dirt from the wall.

      Breathing heavily, he sat down on the rocks and ignoring the sharpness of the stones beneath him, he placed his head in his hands. He lay there for what seemed like hours. In his head was a collision of unfinished thoughts and scenes- Capricorn, his master lying dead on the floor, the Shadow, pushing past Silvertongue’s daughter…He clawed once more at a bug bite on his arm, this time ripping skin off. He would go back-somehow… He thought grimly.

      And then once again the same and terrifying question developed in his mind-But what if Silvertongue was still there?

      He whimpered and pushed that thought away. He secretly feared Silvertongue’s devilry in what he did, and when he saw the Shadow appear, he was terrified and crawled to the corner of the room, where he lay there shivering until Silvertongue came to take his daughter, wife, and the old lady- whatever her name was. That was when he took his chance of escape. When he had run off out of the Church, he had been planning to follow the Magpie and depend on her for survival, but she had disappeared into the night.

      And what was he to do now? Basta tiredly took his head out of his hands and laid them on the ground, closing his tired eyes for the first time in hours. It was considerably dark now-even for Basta, who had always been accustomed to the night’s endless void of black. He would find them- he knew where the old lady’s house was, and where Silvertongue and his daughter lived- he had driven the information out of Dustfinger with his knife’s edge.

                Yes… I will find them…
      And with that he fell to a dreamless slumber.

      When Basta awoke he felt lightheaded and dizzy, like he had just awoken from a dream that he couldn’t quite remember. His stomach was growling and also giving him intense sharp pains, in which he had to curl in a tight ball and grit his teeth firmly together to withstand. So after a few more minutes of this torture, he decided to plan his way out of the pit. He stared up at the sky. There were trees above him-too far to for him to reach, as if jovially taunting him In the pit, in the pit… there were no roots in the walls of the ditch, and no branches that he could see, so he decided to find a way to use his shirt to get over the edge.
      He began to shred his shirt into long, thin strips and knotting  them together, and at the end he found the heaviest stone on the ground and wrapped the end of his makeshift rope, aiming to throw his rope to the ground above him.

      His rope almost made it- for a second it sailed in the air above him and then just after Basta made a sound of sheer approval, it plummeted down to the rocky ground of the pit, Basta barely escaping its path. After cursing venomously under his breath again, he tried continually to hurl the rope in the air, and only to have it fall back down to his feet, or onto his head.

      After finally giving up on his previous method, the burning sun had risen well over the horizon and his right arm was numb.

      So using his left arm to express his frustration, he hurled a stone to the floor under him, and before turning around, he heard a light tock! He first halted for a few precious moments, and then a crude smile appeared over his lips as he slowly bent down to the ground, gingerly picking up the stone.

       Of course! He had forgotten completely about the rocks in the pit.
                               Now, he knew what to do.

      Several hours later, Basta was standing in front of his stairway in the wall, blisters in both hands, cramps in his neck, cuts, bruises, and bug bites covering his arms and legs, and a pleased smile stretched across his dirt-stained face.

      He had forced hundreds of stones into the dirt wall of the pit in clusters, each stretched a distance between the next, forming a simple set of stairs up to the top of the pit. He had used almost all of the stones on the ground-only a few were remaining. All he had to do was climb out quickly and swiftly to the top- as he didn’t know if his steps would hold if he took his time.

      He started out quickly with the first step-he thought he felt it almost give out under his weight, but he continued. The pain of sharp rocks was almost unbearable under his bare feet, but he gritted his teeth and repeated the process with the second step and then the third step, on and on, faster with each step until his feet had several more new wounds in his skin, and his hands were a raw color. When he reached the top, after heaving himself up he looked around him- and there he realized that he had reached the end of Capricorn’s forest.

      Smiling cruelly, he murmured “Now all I need is a knife…”

The Process

First, I had to reread the book Inkheart again. Then after that, I chose to write a new scene for the character Basta, and started working on this entry when ever a computer possible. My mom nor my dad helped me complete this entry.