Cornelia Funke


2009 Nēnē
Award Winner


"You? You read aloud?"
"Yes, every evening. Your mother enjoyed it. That evening she chose Inkheart. She always did like tales of adventure — stories full of brightness and darkness... So we gave you a pile of picture books, sat down on the rug beside you, and I began to read."

"We enjoyed the story," her father went on,

"It was exciting, well written, and full of all sorts of amazing creatures.       Author Funke accepts the 2009 Nēnē Award and
        reads a passage from her book, Inkheart.
Your mother loved a book to lead her into an unknown land, and the world in to which Inkheart led her was exactly what she liked.
Sometimes the story took a very dark turn, and whenever the suspense got too much, your mother put a finger to her lips, and I read more quietly, although we were sure you were too busy with your own books to listen to a sinister story that you wouldn't have understood anyway. I remember it as if it were yesterday. ... and I began reading the seventh chapter. That's when it happened..."
"What?" whispered Meggie. "What happened, Mo?"
Her father looked at her. "They came out," he said.

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