Rick Riordan's Acceptance Letter


LightningDear Young Demigods of Hawai'i,

It’s a great honor to accept the 2008 Nēnē Award. I’m delighted that you enjoyed The Lightning Thief. This award means a great deal to me, not only because Hawai'i is such a cool place, but also because the award is voted upon by the people who matter most – kids!


Nēnē Chair Maile Davis and Mililani Middle School student Kepa Barrett announcing the winner of the 2008 Nēnē Award and reading the acceptance letter.

CentaurI’m sorry I can’t join you in person, but the Olympians have decreed that I can’t leave Camp Half-Blood until I finish work on the fifth Percy Jackson book. I’ll hope to visit the state in 2009. Until then, keep your armor polished and your swords sharpened. Look out for monsters, and above all, keep reading!

Best wishes from Camp Half-Blood,

Rick Riordan




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