Friday May 9, 2008 Award Ceremony Information



Please read the information below before registering.
Due date for registration is Wednesday, April 23, 2008.

Click here to begin registration at
All students attending the Ceremony must have the below Student Publication/Video Release Form on file. Students (contest winners, emcees, chorus, etc.) who are participants in the ceremony program, please complete another original copy of the Release form (to be delivered to the Nene Committee by the librarian or other lead chaperone on May 9)
Click here for the State of Hawaii, Department of Education, Student Publication/Video Release Form at


Revised Chaperone requirement: at least 1 adult for every 15 students (students must have an adult nearby at all times)

Click here for photos taken by Nene Committee member Melissa de Leon of the site of the Ceremony!

Free parking at Ford Island (accommodates up to 300 vehicles and School buses) Click here for the map in pdf format (shows how to drive onto Ford Island to the Battleship Missouri)
Required information below must be included in the Registration.
Buses will be inspected before being allowed on Ford Island-- please allow time for the inspection.

Vehicles School Buses
  1. First and last names of drivers/ adult passengers as they appear in the driver's license or picture ID, include salutation (Mr./ Ms. / Mrs.)
  2. Driver's license number for all drivers and passengers over 18 year of age
  3. Vehicle license number
  4. Color/make/ model of the vehicle 

  1. Name of School
  2. Name of the Bus Company
  3. Number of buses
  4. Expected arrival time
  5. First and last names of adults as they appear in the driver's license or picture ID, include salutation (Mr./ Ms. / Mrs.)
  6. Driver's license number of all adults over 18 years of age
  7. Please contact Yvonne at or (808) 455-1600 x222 or x223 with the above information by May 2, 2008.

Friday, May 9 -- Schedule
8:30 a.m. Buses start arriving for inspection
8:40 a.m. Registration begins (signs will be posted)
9:00 a.m. First guided tour of the Battleship Missouri (for those who live close to the site)
9:45 a.m. In seats for the 2008 Nene Award Ceremony (under tent)
10:00 a.m. Chanter and Pauoa Elementary Chorus open the Ceremony
11:00 a.m. Schools have the option to have lunch or tour the ship first

Guided tours last 30 minutes and can be take place before the ceremony at 9 a.m. or after the ceremony from 11 a.m. on. Some groups may want to take a lunch break after the ceremony while others tour the ship. School groups may choose to explore the ship independently without a tour guide. Once a school group is on board, there is no time limit to their visit.

Mahalo to the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) for providing the admission fees and bottled water for the attendees and chaperones.

Note: Contest Winners may bring 2 parents/adults free of charge. Additional guests will be given a discounted admission rate.

Lunch (no outside food allowed)
• $7.00 Box lunches must be preordered by Wednesday, April 23 with checks payable to the Nene Award Committee --Mail payment by May 2 to Maile Davis, Nene Award Committee, Hawaii State Library, Children's Section, 478 S. King St. Honolulu, HI 96813
• The $7.00 lunch includes a turkey sandwich, fresh fruit, cookie, chips and a drink by Kahala Caterers
• Contest winners and student helpers lunches will be paid for by the Award Committee
• Lunches may be eaten on the Mess Deck (seats 80) or at the outdoor picnic tables (seats 100) to the side of the ship
• Buying lunch is optional-- some schools may decide to eat elsewhere

Rules for Attendees
• Report to the registration area to receive the Nene Ceremony tag to be worn prominently on all attendees shirts
• No large bags allowed. Leave backpacks, purses, and bags in the car or bus
• Come with only a camera, wallet, keys, etc. in your pockets
• Hats and sunglasses are permitted
• For safety reasons, please wear shoes and pants
• No food on deck

Additional Info
• Restrooms are on the pier-- please use the restrooms before boarding
• The gift shop is also located on the pier
• The ship's deck is ADA accessible-- A wheel chair lift is available
• Please call the Hawaii State Library's Children's Room at (808) 586-3510 two weeks in advance if you require a    sign language interpreter or any other special assistance
• The 2009 suggested reading list will be available


If you have any questions, please email the Committee at



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