Christopher Paolini's Acceptance Letter  

May 5, 2006

Dear Students,
Aloha and greetings from Montana! Thank you for choosing Eragon to receive the Hawai'i Nēnē Award!

Hawai'i is a very special place to my family. My father and his family lived on O'ahu for many years. Hawai'i is never far from many conversations. We always talk story.

In Hawai'i, you live where the sun meets the sea, where plants and flowers of astonishing color and variety lend a gentle warmth to life, that is reflected in the aloha spirit in all of you.

I’m delighted that you’ve discovered the joy of reading. When you read  a book, you are transported into strange new worlds where anything is possible. You can battle Icelandic warriors from Njal’s Saga; stand upon Venus, as imagined by Robert Heinlein; or watch enormous spice worms plow through the cinnamon-scented sands of Frank Herbert’s planet, Dune. You can learn how Native Americans made horns and antlers into bows. And you can read the words of Benjamin Franklin as he wrote them in his autobiography, and see the world as he did.

A good book makes you think. I hope that reading becomes a lifelong quest for all of you. Stories can change your life.

Thank you so much for choosing Eragon as your favorite book this year.

May you soar on dragon wings, and mahalo nui loa!

Christopher Paolini

Author Kate DiCamillo
reading the letter at the 2006 Award Ceremony

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