2006 Nēnē Award Digital Arts Contest Winners

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo


1st place
Dog's Eye View

Sierra Olds-Delaney, Aina Haina Elementary, grade 6
Michela Humphrey, Aina Haina Elementary, grade 6
Tatiana Meyer, Aina Haina Elementary, grade 6

The three girls worked together to develop a storyboard and a script. We showed them a storyboard example, and talked about different camera angles and shots. After a lot of discussion about whether a supermarket would let them bring a dog in, they came up with the idea of playing the dog themselves!

Click Here for the QuickTime Movie
of the Digital Arts Contest Winners at the 2006 Award Ceremony

Our technology coordinator looked at their script, and made suggestions as to how they could time themselves to make it the correct length. I asked them to write a letter to Foodland, to ask for permission to film in the store. I took them to the store before school for two days to do one day of rehearsal, then after we viewed those shots we went back to shoot the final footage. We had anxious moments because of all the stormy weather ... they definitely wanted to film the shots of Gloria's tree outside! The technology coordinator taught them how to import their clips and work with the sound tracks to add the voice over of the dog and their titles and music for the titles. They spent several days after school refining their movie ... and are so proud that it is their work!

Candace Foster


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