2004 Nēnē Award Winner Double Fudge Essay Winners

4th Grade Winner
5th Grade Winner
6th Grade Winner
Christianne Michel
Maryknoll Grade School
Rachel Ray
Kaneohe Elementary School
Allie Hawkins
Maryknoll Grade School

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4th Grade Essay Winner: Christianne Michel, Maryknoll Grade School

Double Fudge

Double Fudge is a good book because there are funny names, funny events and a funny ending. Double Fudge is hilarious, and that's a great reason for it to win the 2004 Nēnē Award. But I think that there's another reason, too. There's a valuable lesson in this book: Money isn't everything.

Money was a vital part of Fudge's life in the beginning of the book. He was obsessed with money. He even made up a song: "Money, money, money. I love money, money, money." Later, Fudge learned his lesson when his bird, Uncle Feather, accidentally crashed into the wall. Fudge forgot all about money and ran to help his little friend. By the end of the book, he knows that money is indeed something, but isn't more important than family and friends (and pets!). He knows that family is the important thing.

He realizes that his family is the most important thing in his life, and he learns to treasure his family more than money. An example of this is when he, Mrs. Osterman, and Mini are trapped in the elevator. Flora, Fauna, Peter, and everyone else are worried to death about them, and Fudge sees that he means the world to them.

He also learns that he was a disaster when he was little. Mini swallowed Fudge's lost tooth, and Fudge is furious. Peter tells him that Fudge was exactly like Mini when he was little. Fudge realizes how tough it was for Peter to be an older brother, and that brings the two brothers closer together.

Double Fudge reminded me of how much I have, and how much it means to me. I'm sure that readers across Hawaii feel like I did. Because of that incredible feeling, I thing that Double Fudge deserved the Nēnē Award -- 100%

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5th Grade Essay Winner: Rachel Ray, Kaneohe Elementary School

The Most Delicious Book of the Year, Double Fudge

Did you hear? Double Fudge by Judy Blume won the State of Hawai'i Nēnē Award of 2004. I think it won for two reasons. One is that it is so funny, kids every where thought they would explode from laughing. The second reason is that Double Fudge is surprising. I had to reread to believe what I read. These qualities make me like the book.

When Mini gets Fudge frustrated by mixing up everyone's names and saying Uncle Feather was Peter, and Peter was Mini and so on, then Fudge calls Mini a turkey brain, and Tootsie crawls by saying "Gobble gobble...." I also loved the part when Fudge is sitting on the toilet, and Peter asks if he's doing anything. You see, I wasn't even past the first page, and I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt!

Surprise! That's what Double Fudge has. Who would have guessed that Jimmy Fargo would move away? I sure wouldn't have. Also, Peter showed that he wasn't just Mr. Sensitive with a sarcastic brain, but that he can be a total monster. When Peter was acting like a lunatic because camp Howie Wowie moved in, I was amazed that Peter had a "Fudge Tantrum" and threw towels furiously instead of thinking of a negative remark. I saw a different side of Peter that was no longer shy, but berserk and raging.

So there. That's why I think Double Fudge won the 2004 Nēnē Award. Judy Blume did a great job writing Double Fudge, and I would tell everyone I see how fantastic the book is, but I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, so I'll just tell everyone I know. Double Fudge is the best book ever -- pass it on.

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6th Grade Essay Winner: Allie Hawkins, Maryknoll Grade School


Double Fudge was the lucky book to win the Nēnē Award this year. I think it was a great idea for it to be nominated, because it is one of the silliest books of all time. I thought it to be very humorous and a book for all ages to read. When I first read it, I thought, " Wow, this is one of the best Fudge books I ever read!" I had never read a book about Fudge as hilarious or comical as Double Fudge was. That's probably why it became a Nēnē book.

Judy Blume has always been a great author of goofy books, and you can expect a lot from her, seeing how Double Fudge had such high standards. Her book Double Fudge was a super book to read if you were out for laughs, or needed to be cheered up. This book is one of those tales that can just make you laugh to tears. Blume has composed a book about Fudge that is sure to be a hit around the U.S.A. and especially since in this book, Fudge is going wild about money! Her story can even brighten up an adult's day if he or she reads it. I know this great book brightened up my mom's day when I read it to her. Blume's book is the perfect book to read for a great, big group laugh, and can make nearly everyone grin.

This book had just the right amount of pure comedy and goofiness combined. Even though it may seem just to silly to handle, it's not really at all. That's one of this book's greatest qualities: a little kid who goes gaga over the sight of dollar bills. Who would think a little kid's favorite part of his vocabulary would be "bucks?" And that he would spend time drawing-- drawing his own currency!

This book was a wonderful choice for Hawaii's Nēnē Book Award. I am sure glad that it made the list. It rightfully deserved the place because any book that can make nearly everyone laugh must be super!

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