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Nēnē Award Winners

2013 Nēnē Nominee Booklist

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Winner: Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Adler, C.S. Ghost Brother
Alexander, Lloyd Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen
Auch, Mary Jane Glass Slippers Give You Blisters
Avi Something Upstairs
Banks, Lynne Reid Secret of the Indian
Bunting, Eve Ghost Children
Byars, Betsy Beans on the Roof
Conrad, Pam Stonewords: a Ghost Story
Cooper, Ilene Queen of the Sixth Grade
Coville, Bruce My Teacher is an Alien
Danziger, Paula Earth to Matthew
DeClements, Barthe Fourth Grade Wizards
Dillon, Barbara Mom by Magic
Dorris, Michael Morning Girl
Duffey, Betsy Gadget War
Fenner, Carol Randall's Wall
Fleischman, Paul Borning Room
Gilson, Jamie Hobie Hanson, Greatest Hero of the Mall
Hahn, Mary Downing Doll in the Garden
Hest, Amy Where in the World Is the Perfect Family?
Hiser, Constance Ghosts in Fourth Grade
Howe, James Dew Drop Dead
Hurwitz, Johanna Teacher's Pet
James, Mary Shoebag
Lowry, Lois Number the Stars
MacLachlan, Patricia Journey
Martin, Ann M. Ten Kids, No Pets
McArthur, Nancy Plant That Ate Dirty Socks
McDonald, Joyce Mail-Order Kid
McKean, Thomas Secret of the Seven Willows
McKenna, Colleen Fourth Grade is a Jinx
Namioka, Lensey Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Shiloh
Orgel, Doris Nobodies and Somebodies
Park, Barbara Maxie, Rosie, and Earl...Partners in Crime
Porte, Barbara Fat Fanny, Beanpole Bertha, and the Boys
Reeder, Carolyn Shades of Gray
Rylant, Cynthia Missing May
Shreve, Susan Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear
Singer, Marilyn Twenty Ways to Lose Your Best Friend
Slote, Alfred Finding Buck McHenry
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley Song of the Gargoyle
Spinelli, Jerry Maniac Magee
Van Leeuwen, Jean Dear Mom, You're Ruining My Life
Yolen, Jane Wizard's Hall