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Nēnē Award Winners

2013 Nēnē Nominee Booklist

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Winner: Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClements

Alexander, Lloyd Westmark
Baker, Betty Danby and George
Byars, Betsy Animal, the Vegetable, and John D. Jones
Byars, Betsy Cartoonist
Byars, Betsy Good-bye, Chicken Little
Chew, Ruth Earthstar Magic
Clifford, Eth Rocking Chair Rebellion
Clyne, Patrick Curse of Camp Gray Owl
Conford, Ellen Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood
Conford, Ellen Seven Days to a Brand New Me
Cusack, Isabel L. Ivan the Great
Declements, Barthe Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade
Fleischman, Sid McBroom and the Great Race
Foote, Timothy Great Ringtail Garbage Caper
Giff, Patricia Reilly Left-Handed Shortstop
Gilson, Jamie Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man
Girion, Barbara Misty and Me
Greene, Bette Get on Out of Here, Philip Hall
Greene, Constance C. Al(exandra) the Great
Greenwald, Sheila Give Us a Great Big Smile, Rosy Cole
Hicks, Clifford Wacky World of Alvin Fernald
Hildick, E.W. Case of the Four Flying Fingers; a McGurk Mystery
Hooks, William H. Mystery on Bleeker Street
Hughes, Dean Nutty for President
Hurwitz, Johanna Much Ado About Aldo
Jones, Penelope Holding Together
Kelly, Rosalie Addie's Year
Kendall, Carol Firelings
Konigsburg, E.L. Journey to an 800 Number
Krensky, Stephen Witching Hour
Lasky, Kathryn Night Journey
Lowry, Lois Anastasia Krupnik
MacDonald, Reby Ghosts of Austwick Manor
Manes, Stephen Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days
McDonnell, Christine Don't Be Mad, Ivy
Miles, Betty Maudie and Me and the Dirty Book
Nastick, Sharon Mr. Radagast Makes an Unexpected Journey
Newman, Robert Case of the Baker Street Irregular: a Sherlock Holmes Story
O'Connor, Jane Yours Till Niagara Falls, Abby
Park, Ruth Playing Beatie Bow
Paterson, Katherine Great Gilly Hopkins
Pellowski, Anne Willow Wind Farm: Betsy's Story
Perl, Lila Hey, Remember Fat Glenda?
Postma, Lidia Witch's Garden
Raskin, Ellen Westing Game
Roberts, Willo Davis Girl with the Silver Eyes
Rodowsky, Colby Gathering Room
Rounds, Glen Mr. Yowder and the Train Robbers
Sargent, Sarah Weird Henry Berg
Selden, George Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride
Shyer, Marlene Fanta Welcome Home, Jellybean
Simon, Seymour Einstein Anderson Makes Up For Lost Time
Smith, Robert Kimmel Jelly Belly
St. Peter, Joyce Always Abigail
Stewart, Mary Walk in Wolf Wood
Thomas, Kathleen Out of the Bug Jar
Uchida, Yoshiko Jar of Dreams
Van de Wettering, Janwillem Hugh Pine
Wallace, Bill Dog Called Kitty
Wallace, Barbara Hawkins and the Soccer Solution